Vast Media Empire

Joe Ditzel
Tuesday, 557am

Folks, since 2005 I’ve been existing on 25-47 cups of coffee a day (depends on the day) and 3.2362 hours of sleep per night, quietly building a fast-growing publishing and advertising company. For the first few years I worked late nights and weekends in the office at my day job. After each business day ended, I popped open my laptop and started my entrepreneurial projects. I was there so much people asked me if I was…

Living In The Office!

Nope, but I had my laptop next to my work computer so I could start right in after the work day closed.

Hard work for years on end is paying off. Vast Media Empire is now an umbrella corporation for a variety on-line and off-line ventures. Currently we have a large collection of websites in several information, news and entertainment segments. Revenues are split between advertising sales, product sales, affiliate marketing, and marketing consulting services.

We are growing rapidly so stop back often for updates.


P.S. I work out of my house now, so I guess I really am living in the office. If you are interested in promoting your brand, product or website, or you want expert marketing help to grow your sales and customer base, contact me at joe at